Amalia Balaguer Pérez, La regulación europea de la economía circular en el ámbito alimentario

Abstract [en]: In the European Union, the protection of the environment is an objective and the European Charter of Fundamental Rights states that it must be ensured. In the field of food regulation, one of the objectives of food law is to protect consumers rights, taking into account, among others, the environment. There is a connection between the food system and the environment due to the effects of the production, packaging and transportation of food. Although there is not only one definition of circular economy, but it can also be understood as a system which aims to reduce production and consumption. Circular economy has recently been an important concept in the European Union and some of the initiatives within it are related to the food system, specifically in relation to food waste and plastic packaging.

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SUMARIO: 1. Introducción. – 2. Envases y plásticos. –  3. Desperdicio de alimentos. – 4. Conclusiones.


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